The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Flooring: Types, Installation, and Maintenance Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Flooring: Types, Installation, and Maintenance Tips



Hardwood flooring is a classic, enduring option that adds warmth, character, and sophistication to any home. Its timeless appeal and natural beauty make it a highly sought-after choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living space. If you're ready to explore this high-quality flooring option, trust the attentive, knowledgeable team at Britt’s - the exceptional Family-owned flooring store located in both Lawrenceville and Monroe.


As one of the essential aspects of your home's design and comfort, hardwood flooring comes in various types, styles, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your specific tastes and needs. Furthermore, proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity and attractiveness of your investment. In this comprehensive blog, we will guide you through the world of hardwood flooring, providing essential information on wood species, installation techniques, and how to care for your elegant floors.


At Britt’s, we are committed to offering a diverse selection of hardwood flooring options to suit any aesthetic and lifestyle preferences. With expert guidance from the experienced staff at Britt’s, every step of the journey - from selecting the ideal wood type to final installation - will be stress-free and enjoyable. Don't hesitate to make your dream home a reality with the Family-owned, exceptional flooring store located in both Lawrenceville and Monroe.


Types of Hardwood Flooring: Species, Colors, and Grains


There is a wide variety of hardwood flooring species available to suit every taste, style, and budget. When choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your home, consider factors like color, grain pattern, and hardness, which can impact its aesthetics and durability. Some popular hardwood flooring species include:

  • Oak: Highly durable and versatile, oak hardwood flooring offers two primary species: red oak and white oak. With medium to dark reddish hues for red oak and light brown or beige tones for white oak, both options provide attractive grain patterns and have excellent resistance to wear.

  • Maple: Featuring a light, creamy color and subtle grain pattern, maple hardwood flooring is perfect for creating a clean, modern look. Its closed pore structure makes it more challenging to stain evenly, but its superior hardness ensures outstanding durability.

  • Hickory: Known for its distinct, contrasting grain patterns and medium brown to reddish hues, hickory hardwood flooring is ideal for rustic or traditional interior designs. Its exceptional hardness ranks it among the most durable hardwood flooring options.

  • Cherry: Known for its rich, reddish-brown color and smooth grain pattern, cherry hardwood flooring adds luxury and warmth to any space. While it may be less durable than other hardwood species, its timeless elegance and easy staining make it a classic favorite.


Hardwood Flooring Installation Techniques


For successful hardwood flooring installation, it's crucial to select the appropriate technique based on your subfloor and chosen hardwood type. There are three primary installation methods:

  • Nail-Down: Ideal for solid hardwood flooring and a wooden subfloor, this method involves fastening the hardwood planks to the subfloor using nails or staples. While highly durable, this method may require more time and effort and could cause potential squeaking or creaking.

  • Glue-Down: Suitable for engineered hardwood flooring and various subfloor types, including concrete, glue-down installation involves the use of specially formulated adhesives to bond the hardwood planks to the subfloor. This method provides a stable, firm foundation but requires careful adhesive selection and preparation.

  • Floating: Growing in popularity for its ease of installation and versatility, floating hardwood flooring doesn't require direct attachment to the subfloor. Instead, it relies on the weight of the planks, either as click-lock planks or tongue-and-groove joints, to hold the floor in place. This method is compatible with most hardwood flooring types and subfloors, and it accommodates natural expansion and contraction.


Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Hardwood Floors


Keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful and ensure their longevity with these expert maintenance tips:


Sweep or Vacuum Regularly: Prevent dirt, dust, and debris from damaging your hardwood floor by sweeping or vacuuming regularly with a soft-bristled attachment.

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Products: Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or steam mops on your hardwood floors. Instead, use cleaning products recommended by the flooring manufacturer or a gentle solution of water and vinegar.

  • Protect Against Scratches: Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs, use area rugs or runners in high-traffic areas, and keep pet nails well-trimmed to minimize the risk of scratches and scuffs.

  • Monitor Humidity Levels: Excessive or insufficient humidity can cause hardwood floors to expand, contract, or warp. Maintain humidity levels between 30-50% to protect your hardwood floors, using a dehumidifier or humidifier as needed.

  • Address Spills Immediately: Clean up spills promptly with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel to prevent water damage or staining.


The Benefits of Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation


To ensure the optimal appearance and durability of your hardwood floors, trust the expertise of professional installers like the team at Britt’s. With professional installation, you can expect:

  • Proper subfloor preparation and leveling

  • Accurate measurements and layout planning

  • Seamless installation and clean-up

  • Added value from expert advice on floor maintenance


Transform Your Home With Hardwood Flooring from Britt’s


With a diverse selection of hardwood flooring species, professional installation, and personalized guidance from our experienced team, Britt’s in Lawrenceville and Monroe makes it easy to bring elegance, warmth, and style to your home. Explore our extensive hardwood flooring options at Britt’s and discover how hardwood floors can elevate your living space's beauty, functionality, and value.


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